For small businesses to be successful in today’s complex business environment, we must not only understand the basics of the 7 Layers of the OSI model to help us resolve complex problems, we must also understand the 8th layer.

This 8th layer collects all types of information from customer’s existing capabilities, hardware, software, personnel resources and identifies the directions the customers heading towards. (i.e. customers’ existing environment). Understanding the customer’s existing environment  improves the product and services we provide at a competitive cost. Your employees can be one of the best technical employees, but not having someone who understands Nettek’s 8th layer of the OSI can cost your corporation or agencies additional expenses and delays

Layer 8: Customers Environment and Requirements (Flexibilities and constraints)
Layer 7: Application
Layer 6: Presentation
Layer 5: Session
Layer 4: Transport
Layer 3: Network
Layer 2: Data Link
Layer 1: Physical